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About ARC

Accountants Resource Centre
ARC collaborates with accounting firms and facilitates practical in-house non-accredited TAX accounting and bookkeeping internships/training, for accounting graduates and students. We also service local public practices and businesses through our referral, placement and outsourcing service provided to our trainees.
ARC has been established by professional and experienced tax accountants who, throughout the years, have operated successful public practices. They became aware of the need for new graduates to experience the workings of contemporary accounting practices, in order to assist them, with a smooth transition into the accounting workforce, therefore making them a more valuable resource to potential employers – thus ARC was born.
Our vision is to help accounting graduates/students prepare for the needs and demands of today’s accounting firm. Whilst, at the same time, supporting the public practices and businesses through in ARC’s referral/placement and outsourcing service. 
Accountants Resource Centre is operated by Kathy Chui. She is a Chartered Accountants (CA), CPA and Principal of the business.

Our Team

Kathy Chui- CA, CPA
Has an extensive background in public practice and is one of the trainers in Accountants Resource Centre. She is a Registered Tax Agent and a regular speaker for major property investment companies. Kathy is always more then happy to offer advice relating to Property Tax issues, Asset Protection and Tax Structures. You can contact Kathy to have a chat about our training on (03) 9827 2828.


Sanjay Billimoria – CPA

Has held senior roles in both commerce and public practice over 17 years. He is highly regarded for his knowledge, patience and mentoring skills.


Amy Le – CPA
Working in a second-tier accounting firm, experienced Mentor/Supervisor with 8 years of the accounting industry experiences.


Chele Matthew – CPA

Senior Practice Manager, worked in accounting firms for decades, interviewed and considered hundreds of graduate accountants’ suitability for various accountant positions, and highly experienced in the real needs and requirements firms look for in a junior accountant.


Yahtze Oh – FCCA
Senior tax accountant, previously worked at Ernst & Young , business consultant for many firms and organizations.


Jeff Veerapenchetty – ACCA
Dedicated and hard working tax accountant with over 7 years of experience.


Barbara Joan Johnstone – CPA
27 years experience as an accountant with over 11 years at a Senior Level.


Steve Hall
Previous experience as a consultant to major companies in Australia including;BAE Systems, Kinhill, KBR, Monoroe Australia, SA State Govt, Adelaide City Council, Futuris Corporation etc. Presently involved in several organisations at a senior level including the multimedia company and the contracting company Foster-Hall International.

We also have senior accountants (CA & CPA’s) who provide additional training and assistance to our students. Our senior accounts also manage staff regarding our accounting outsourcing division for our accounting firm clients Accounting - Businesspeople working on charts and graphs


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