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“Before joining the ARC In-House Training Program, I had similar problems as the other graduates who were also faced with big challenges – what we learned theoretically can’t be applied practically in a real life working environment.

The ARC Training Program totally changed my perspective point of view. In the training, Anatole with years of bookkeeping experiences explained how to become a good Bookkeeper; he covered the wide range of topics such as how to process transactions, document analyzing, GST issues, processing of payroll etc.

Kathy, the Principal of ARC, with over ten years of experiences in tax and business consulting, delivered her expert knowledge and experience by guiding us through a large number of real life case studies. Thanks to her comprehensive teaching/supervisory suppoort, I am now able to prepare income tax returns, BAS statements and financial reports independently upon graduation. The amount of practical skills and experiences I have gained through the in-house training is just amazing. They have definitely earned me competitive advantage over other fresh graduates and greatly improved my employability. The intensive training covered broad areas of issues which allow me to obtain the practical skills faster in the shortest period of time. I was successfully offered a position in a tax accounting firm. The manager was so impressed by my excellent understanding of BAS and financial report preparation. Being proud of getting a job because of the real hands on practical experience, I attribute my success to ARC’s devotion and dedication.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the supervisors of ARC. I believe ARC will grow to become the leading accounting training organisation with the combined effort of its staff members. Iwish all success to ARC’s future development! ”




“Initially, the ARC training provided us with a general idea on how jobs are processed in an accounting firm and what is required for a professional accountant; and gaining the knowledge of how to use software.

Further on the practical internship/training provided us with a real experience of working in an accounting firm. By consistent supervising by CA/CPAs, we are trained in how to handle problems while we are doing new cases. What is the first step and what is the second step etc. Most importantly, for example, we learned how to raise questions in a professional manner when we could not find answers. As a tax accountant, this is an essential skillsyou need. During the job interview, I was asked to prepare the question list for the provided case!

With more training/internship, I gained the ability to handle cases independently and became more familiar with work requirements. I also had a good chance to be trained on how to process Self Managed Super Fund accounts and tax returns by using BGL Simple Fund.

ARC training is brilliant and I highly recommend it to accounting graduates.”




I found the experience at ARC, a great help. I believe that ARC training programs increased my chances of receiving a response from my job applications. Most recruitment agents and employers are very interested in what I have done at ARC and what I learned from there. Thanks to the friendly staff at ARC who helped me during my program”

--Leo Lu


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