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BSBSMB406 Manage small business finance

This unit of competency provides the skills and knowledge required to implement and review financial management strategies on a regular basis.

It is of great benefit to individuals who operate or work in a small business or who are part of a department within a larger organisation. Students will learn how to interpret financial reports and other numerical data to develop financial management strategies.

The completion of this unit will provide knowledge on aspects associated with small business finances, including financial information requirements, producing financial budgets and projections, business capital, taxation, client credit policies, key performance indicators, financial procedures, financial performance targets, monitoring marketing and operational strategies, financial ratios and assessing a financial plan.

ARC & Associates is delivering this unit of competency via correspondence. Students are provided with all required course materials and assessments. They also have access to a designated trainer to provide assistance as needed.

Completing this unit will lead to a Statement of Attainment for the unit BSBSMB406 Manage small business finances, which is a nationally recognised document and unit of competency


The nominal duration for this course is 50 hours. The actual duration may end up lower or higher depending on your particular circumstances.

Assessment description:

Participants will be required to complete a range of assessments during the course. These include theoretical and practical assessments. Access to a computer will be required for completing some assessments.

Entry requirements:

There are no designated entry requirements for this course.

Course cost:

The total cost of the course including all course materials is $400.00.

Please contact ARC & Associates for further details or to enrol.


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